Candle Care Guide

Our candles are made to provide you with hours of fragrance throughout your home.
To ensure we keep your candles smelling, looking, and working at their best and safest, we advise proper candle care and maintenance. 
To burn your candle safely, here are some important burning and maintenance tips.

Burning Your Candle

  • Please NEVER leave a burning candle unattended.

  • Make sure burning candles are out of reach of vulnerable adults, children and pets.

  • Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface. 

  • Light your candle(s) in well-ventilated rooms, away from drafts, fans and windows, which can cause fast, uneven burning or sooting on the glass. 

  • Keep candles away from fabrics such as clothing, curtains, sofas etc. 

  • The first burn is the most important, to avoid tunnelling burn regular sized candles for up to four hours at a time. Burning for less than two hours can cause the candle to 'tunnel', which leaves a build-up of wax around the glass sides. Burning for longer periods, over four hours, can cause the wick to move or slant within the wax. 

  • Make sure you stop burning your candle when 1cm of wax remains.

  • We recommend that after burning for up to four hours, candles be extinguished, given time to cool for two hours or more, and trimmed before relighting. 

  • If you see a flaming wick come close to the edge, extinguish the flame and straighten the wick to prevent the vessel from cracking.

Trimming The Wick

  • It is important to keep the wax clear of wick trimmings and matches, as these can act as a secondary wick, encouraging your candle to burn faster, which can be dangerous.

  • After extinguishing the flame with a snuffer, centre and straighten the wick. 

  • Long, or crooked wicks can create high flames, smoking, or sooting.

  • When wick trimming, you should always extinguish the flame, let the candle come to room temperature.

  • Trim the wicks to about 5mm before relighting. 

  • Do not relight when the wax level is less than 1cm.

  • We suggest trimming the wick every 4 hours of burn time.

  • Use a wick trimmer for a perfect trim.

Storing Your Candles

  • When your candle isn't in use, store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight or strong light. 

  • Storing your candle in a dark place like a cupboard, storeroom or its original box (if applicable) will protect it from excessive fading and discoloration.

  • Condensation on the top of your candle is a sign it may not have been stored correctly or has been stored for too long. We suggest wiping this away with a paper towel before lighting.

  • Storing candles for too long can affect the scent, so we suggest enjoying your beautifully fragranced candles within 12 months of purchase.

  • We do not suggest leaving candles in your car for an extended period (particularly on hot days) as they may melt or discolour. 

    Botanical Candle Care

    • Our range of botanical pillar candles feature a hardened outer and soft wax core, they should always be lit on a heat resistant candle plate.

    • We suggest keeping our botanical candles away from external sources of heat, such as fires and radiators, as this can cause the candle to melt. 

    • Our botanical candles are delicate and all the above-mentioned candle care recommendations including trimming of wicks, storage and burning should be followed.

    We hope you enjoy your fragrance diffuser. If you have any questions, please let us know via the Contact Us section.